Monthly Archives: May 2012

Leaving for Spain Today!

Dear friends,
Well, Tyler and I are dashing around the house this morning trying to get things all packed up before our 3pm departure for Marseilles this afternoon. From Marseilles, we’ll train to Hendaye, and then cross over to Irun, where our pilgrimage of the Camino’s Northern route will begin. I am crazy excited and nervous – my tummy is all butterflies! So I want to share a few things that this Camino is about for me – those of you who are inclined, please pray for us in the next 40 days! Continue reading

starting over, again

So I’m using this picture again because I’m taking another stab at these new year’s resolutions. I wrote back in January about the contemplative practices I planned to take up so that I could delve deeper into my faith, particularly through practices of gratitude. Around March (maybe February?), I got a cold and began finding getting up at 5:45am to pray too difficult. I lost the rhythm and quickly lost the practice. I’ve been chastising myself ever since to try to get back into the swing of things. Continue reading